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Lovin’ the states

I am from southern USA born and bred and am a patriotic American that solves lots about my country. The USA is a great nation and I am proud to call Southern Virginia my home of 40 years. As well as the great southern hospitality and fine food especially BBQ pork my absolute favourite thing about my home town!

I have a fantastic wife and three great kids who are all in school and doing really well. She is my soul mate and we have loads in common and about the only thing we both don’t like is football. I am a he fan of the sport but she can’t stand it. My son is mad about it too and he is a pretty decent player as well as fan of the game.

Grease monkey

I work as a mechanic in my home town for a big dealership I have always loved and been interested in cars and since I was a teenager I have played around with cars, something my dad taught me and was really interested in too.

I restore old cars in my spare time so I always have a garage full of car parts and a project. It earns me a few dollars extra every once in a while and I love doing it. You cannot beat the feeling of taking a heap of rust and creating something really special.

My boys have both got a keen interest in cars and I am even helping them on their own restoration project at the moment. They are keen on engines and my oldest has also got an interest in motorsport and does a bit of racing in his free time. He is in a club and is learning how to rally drive at the moment and I go every weekend to watch him and help him with the car. Hope you enjoy my blog and that you come back soon.

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