Our new sport club plaques

new sports club plaques are up

Track has new plaques

Our local race track where i am on the committee came into a bit of unexpected cash and we used this to make some improvements around the place including new sport club plaques and signs around the site. With a little money its surprising what you can achieve and we wanted to make some asthetical improvements to make the place look great.
Its been a tremendous year on the track and I still get a great buzz out of being involved so much so the blog I started with such good intentions has fallen by the wayside this last year. Now I am back on it and excited to tell you about the season.

plaques look great but the racing has been awesome

The changes around the place have made a real difference and we are really happy with all the positive feedback we have had from the track side and all the supporters. Even the drivers have noticed so we must have done something right! With all the work going on around the track no one has really noticed as on the track is where all the eyes have been firmly fixed. This year has seen Justin Williams in Car number 2 take the number one spot and he has been driving brilliantly. The car and driver seem unstoppable and with John Stapleton nipping at his rear tail he will have to be on the top of his game to take the 2014 speedway crown. The pair have been at each other all season but now it looks like the glory will be Justin’s and deservedly too in my opinion. The season has been exciting and off the track there has been loads to talk about too. Reaching out into the local business community was a key task for the committee members and we have achieved great things together this year. The total focus on this part of the growth plan has really paid dividends and we have had a record year from a sponsorship and ticket sales point of view.
Corporate box sales are at a history high and season tickets and VIP tickets are all up significantly on last year. The buzz about the track is amazing and with so many new faces seeing our offering we are projecting further growth next year. As the year and season comes to the end the positives from 2014 are there for everyone to see.
Improved track facilities and infrastructure mean that the on the day experience has improved tremendously and we are wall very proud of our achievements this year. Next year is now the focus and it will be a tough year to follow in terms of success but all of us are determined not to let the progress slow down and are ready for the challenge of the new season.
Our plaques are all installed and the new building and other developments are a credit to those who worked so hard to make it happen. http://www.stonesign.com

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